The following is some of the press coverage on Dwyer v. State. This list will be updated as more coverage occurs.


"Hickenlooper's Hail Mary on State Budget is Worth Trying", (4/17/2014), "...the state dipped into the K-12 education funding during the Great Recession to the point that it still owes schools more than $800 million in what is politely called the "negative factor" but which more accurately should be called the "when-we-ignored-the-constitution" factor." 


"Parents, School Districts file Lawsuit Asking State to Enforce Amendment 23," (6/27/14)

"Lawsuit Claims School Funding Reducation Mechanism Unconstitional: K-12 Funding Debate Ratchets Up," (6/26/14)

"Lawsuit Targets Colorado School Funding," (6/27/14)

"Group Suing Colorado over $1 billion cut in School Funding," (6/27/14)

"Carroll: Colorado's Next School Funding Lawsuit," (5/31/14)

"Boulder Valley to be Plaintiff in School Finance Lawsuit," Daily Camera (5/26/14)

The following is some of the press coverage on Lobato v. State.   This list is not exhaustive.  Additional press coverage is listed here.


"What Lobato lawsuit did for Colorado schools," Denver Post (5/29/2013)


“Lobato Case Makes Lots of ‘Friends,’” EdNews Colorado (10/9/12)

“Lobato Plaintiffs Pick Apart State’s Case,” EdNews Colorado (9/26/12)

“State Lays Out its Lobato Appeal,” EdNews Colorado (7/18/12)

“AG: Lawmakers Should Decide School Funding,” The Denver Post (7/18/12)

“Colorado Attorney General Lays Out Objections to Lobato School Case,” The Denver Post (7/18/12)

“CU Regents to Consider Weighing in on Lobato v Colorado, Boulder Daily Camera (7/11/12)

“What Teachers Want,” The Nation (5/14/12)

“Lobato Resolution Killed,” EdNews Colorado (5/7/12)

“A Lobato Debate in the House,” EdNews Colorado (4/17/12)

“Appeal Delays Resolution of Funding,” African American Voice (February 2012)

“Colorado’s Battle Over School Funding,” American Public Media, Marketplace (2/8/12)

“Fix Needed For Public School Funding Inequity,” Glenwood Springs Post Independent (1/27/12)

“Colorado Attorney General John Suthers Appeals Lobato School Funding Decision,” The Denver Post (1/24/12)

“State Appeals Lobato Ruling,” Pueblo Chieftain (1/24/12)

“Lobato Case Will See Appeals Court,” Valley Courier (1/24/12)

“Monday Churn: Lobato Appeal Notice,” EdNews Colorado (1/23/12)

“Lawsuits Say States Fail to Meet K-12 Funding Duties,” Education Week (1/17/12)

“Schools Sue States for More Money,” The Wall Street Journal (1/7/12)



“Opinion: Why I Voted No on Lobato Appeal,” Education News Colorado (12/27/11)

“State Ed Board Says It Will Appeal Lobato Decision Forcing Retool of School Finance,” The Denver Post (12/27/11)

“Colorado Education Board Will Appeal Lobato School Funding Decision,” Boulder Daily Camera (12/27/11)

“State Vows to Appeal School Finance Ruling,” The Pueblo Chieftain (12/22/11)

“Wednesday Churn: Lobato Appeal Set,” Education News Colorado (12/21/11)

Trial Court Decision

“State Grapples with Court’s Education Decision,” Community Radio for Northern Colorado (12/13/11)

“Colorado Judge Rules Against State’s School Funding Model,” Education Week (12/12/11)

“Denver Judge’s Ruling on School Funding Levels Blisters State’s Witnesses,” The Denver Post (12/11/11)

“Denver Judge Rules Low Funding for Colorado Schools is Unconscionable”, The Denver Post (12/10/11)

“Judge Rules Colorado Schools Need Another $4 Billion,” CBS Denver (12/10/11)

“Valley Wins Lobato Lawsuit,” Valley Courier (12/10/11)

“Lobato Ruling: Changes to School Funding,” KKTV (12/10/11)

“Supporters of Education Lawsuit Celebrate Funding Victory,” Fox 31 Denver (12/10/11)

“Victory for Lobato Plaintiffs,” Education News Colorado (12/9/11)

“Colorado Loses Latest Round in School Funding Lawsuit,” The Tribune (12/9/11)

“Colorado School Funding Methods Rules Unconstitutional,” 7 News (12/9/11)

“Denver Court Decision in Education Suit Says Colorado is Underfunding Schools by Billions,” The Denver Post (12/9/11)


Education News Colorado Coverage of Lobato Trial (8/11-9/11)

The Huffington Post Live Blog from Courtroom (8/11-9/11)

“Trial Over School Funding Ends After Five Weeks,” 9 News (9/2/11)

“Colorado School Funding Trial Enters Likely Final Week,” The Denver Post (8/28/11)

“Lt. Governor Garcia Testifies in School Funding Suit,” The Pueblo Chieftain (8/25/11)

“Plea for Better Schools Gets Personal,” The Pueblo Chieftain (8/20/11)

“Guest Commentary: Lobato Case is Crucial to Education,” The Denver Post (8/19/11)

“Lobato Trial Highlights Education-Funding Shortfalls,” 9 News (8/18/11)

“Landmark Lobato Case Concludes Second Week,” Valley Courier (8/12/11)

“My Kids Deserve the Same Opportunities: Teachers from Cortez Testify in School Finance Trial,” The Durango Herald (8/11/11)

“Taylor Lobato, Plaintiff in Education Funding Lawsuit Gets Her Day in Court After Five Years,” The Huffington Post (8/4/11)

“19-Year-Old Takes on State, Gets Day in Court,” 9 News, (8/3/11)

“Lobato v. State of Colorado Brings Colorado’s Education Funding into Focus,” The Huffington Post (8/2/11)

“On Today’s School Menu:Litigation,” The Wall Street Journal Law Blog (8/1/11)

“Lobato v. State of Colorado Trial Begins to Improve Schools,” Pagosa Springs Journal (8/1/11)

“Education Funding Gets Day in Court:Montezuma-Cortez Among 21 Districts Suing,” The Durango Herald (8/1/11)

“Colorado Matters: Education on Trial,” Colorado Public Radio (8/1/11)

“Ruling Could Remake State Education Funding,” The Durango Herald (7/31/11)

“Colorado K-12 Funding Lawsuit Trial Starts,” Boulder Daily Camera (7/31/11)

“Colorado Lawsuit on Education Funding Goes to Trial Monday,” The Denver Post (7/31/11)

“Differences in School Funding Criticized,” The Pueblo Chieftain (7/30/11)

“Moffat County School District Among 119 Plaintiffs in School Funding Trial,” Craig Daily Press (7/29/11)

“School Funding Trial Begins Monday,” Valley Courier (7/28/11)

“Potentially Landmark Public School Funding Case Goes to Trial Aug. 1,” Law Week Colorado (7/26/11)


“Study: Colorado Gets F in School Funding,” Education News Colorado (10/12/10)

“MCSD Joins Lawsuit Over State Education Funding,” Craig Daily Press (6/11/10)

“AG Answers Lobato Suit,” Education News Colorado (4/30/10)

“District Approves Spending $17,856 to Sue State for More Money,” Greeley Gazette (4/24/10)

“Jeffco, Colorado Springs School Districts Join Lawsuit Over State Funding,” The Denver Post (3/2/10)

“Lawsuit: Education Clause Trumps TABOR,” Education News Colorado (3/1/10)

“Suing for School Funding,” News First 5 (3/1/10)

“District 11 Decides to Sue the State of Colorado,” News Channel 13 (3/1/10)

“Demandan a Colorado por Descuidar Educacion Bilingue de Alumnos Mas Pobres,” El Sentinel (2/26/10)

“D11 Weighs $30K Commitment to Lawsuit,” News First 5 (2/23/10)


“Lawmakers Brace for Lawsuit Over School Funding,” Colorado News Agency (12/11/09)

“Keeping the Call in the Right Venue”, The Denver Post (10/27/09)

“Lawsuit Over State’s School Funding as Inadequate Far-Reaching”, The Denver Post (10/25/09)

“Court Allows Schools Trial”, The Denver Post (10/20/09)

“Court Rules Parents Can Sue Colorado for Low School Funding, The Durango Herald (10/20/09)

“Ruling Lets School Funding Case Go to Trial”, The Denver Daily News (10/20/09)

“High Court Revives Lobato ‘Adequacy’ Suit”, Education News Colorado (10/19/09)