Children’s Voices is a non-profit law firm that advocates on behalf of school-age children in Colorado for equal access to a high quality public education. Our work is based on the core value that a quality education is critical if Colorado’s children are to participate meaningfully in the civic, political, economic, social and cultural activities of our society and the world.

Since 2000, we have led the fight in the courts to affirm childrens' constitutional rights. Children's Voices fights to ensure educational opportunities for all children using various strategies. In addition to litigation, we promote coalition building, policy development, legislative advocacy, research, and communication to fulfill our mission. 

Our focus is on improving the education of all students. We place a special emphasis on children of poverty, children of color, children with disabilities, children in rural communities, and English language learners, who are often the most severely affected by the state’s lack of financial resources and support for education.